So I bought the scarf style book on amazon and I absolutely love it :woohoo:

The problem is that I have a hard time interpreting some of the instructions. I don’t know if this is because it’s just much easier for me to do things hands on or if it’s because I’m left handed and there for knitting backwards (ummm continental I think) so my problem is ssk. now I know that the second someone comes along and explains this to me I’m going to be smacking myself in my forehead :wall: but from what I gather I slip the first stich over (and since this is backwards) to my left needle and then slip the second one to the left and then knit them back?? I’m so confused. possibly when I am not at work I will have to watch the video provided but until then HELP!! :??

o.k. I don’t knit left handed, so…if you are slipping the first st. to the left needle and then the second, you are then going to take the right needle and put it through both of those stitchs that are on your left needle and then knit them together.


Knitting with the yarn in your left hand (Continental) is not knitting left handed. Knitting left handed would be holding the needle with the stitches in your right hand and using the left needle to knit them off. Backward knitting is a whole other thing where you don’t turn the work to the other side.

Here are some resources for left handed knitters.

Here are some SSK videos/tutorials. If you are actually knitting left handed I think you can use a mirror to see how to do it that way. I’m not left handed though, it’s just what I’ve heard.

Or you may be knitting combination style with the yarn in your left hand - see If this is how you knit, or if you are knitting the stitches from the right needle to the left, you may have to sub a k2tog for ssk.

Oh sorry I thought Continental and left handed were possibly the same thing. all I knew is that I knit backward compared to everyone else I know. thank you both for your help. when I get home I need to get one and see if I can do this without screwing it up too badly.

thank you,


Oh it’s easy.Forget about your left handed-ness. Just slip two stitches knit wise from your left needle onto your right needle then insert the tip of your left needle into both of those stitches and knit them together!!! Try it and you’ll know just how easy it is.

:star: OK if you say so. I so easily get turned around. now here is my other question. I’m slipping two stitched over knitting them back and then knitting them again?? or just slipping the knitted back? you see why I am so confused. I know I try not to think about the left handed-ness but it screws me up every time.

Slip the 2 sts individually to the other needle, insert the needle they were on into the front of them, and knit. In effect, you’re just moving the stitches from one needle to the other, then knitting them through the back loop, not knitting them twice.

She said it so well!

. [FONT=“Georgia”]She did say it well thank you suzeeq.
I am still also going to watch a video. I’m so bad at the instruction thing. [/FONT]

thank you thank you thank you everyone who responded to my silly inquiry. :yay:


[FONT=“Georgia”]I may have just had an epiphany isn’t this just a decrease? no fair laughing. Oh alright you can laugh. I’m sort of laughing myself as well. :rofl: [/FONT]

:teehee: Just a little giggle. I think we’ve all been there with those smack your forehead and Duh moments.

WOW!!! :roflhard:

Must refrain from actually rolling on the floor laughing my co-workers might think I’m nuttier then usual. DOH!! why can’t they just say decrease by 2? I may acutally be able to do this project now. I’m totally going to :frog: it first though. I’m not that far in and I think I dropped some stitches. if I’m going to do this right I’m going to do it right.

Julie :happydance:

It is a dec, but there’s right leaning decs and left leaning decreases. This is a left leaning decrease.

slipping it first makes it left leaning not slipping it makes it right leaning?

Right. K2tog makes it lean just like the rest of the stitches. SSK means you’re doing the knit “backwards” and so it leans the other way.