Okay, cast on was 38, please tell me why I now have 53 loops???
I am on row 7 of the pattern and also have a hole the size of my index finger without dropped stitches visible. ARRRRGGGHH:eyes: :passedout:

See the “mysterious extra stitches” sticky above.
The hole may be from inadvertently doing a yarn over.

I suspect you are forgetting to move the yarn to the back of your work when knitting after purling. That happens a lot to new knitters. Check the Mysterious Extra Stitches thread at the top of the thread list. :thumbsup:

I started over and after cast on and 2nd row, I have [SIZE=“4”]37[/SIZE]:hair:
I don’t see a missed stitch anywhere, but, obviously there is one.

This happened to me as I learned to knit…it is the last stitch on the row…what the others are trying to tell you. It takes a while to see what you are doing wrong…it’s the way the last stitch is twisted…before turning your needles, twist that last stitch down so you only see one loop on the needle…

did you knit two together to lose a stitch?