I want to make some many things but am afraid to try double pointed needles. Any ideas?

Put empty needle in your right hand, your stitches-filled needle 1 in your left hand. Knit/do pattern across needle 1 until needle 1 has no more stitches, and the empty needle in your right hand is full. Switch the empty needle 1 to your right hand, and put stitch-filled needle 2 in your left hand. Again knit to the end of needle 2. No more stitches? Put empty needle 2 in your right hand and grab full-of-stitches needle 3.

Keep going like this. You’ll get a lovely tube in whatever pattern you’re making.

Make a hat, starting on a 16" circular needle. As you decrease for the top, there will come a point that you have to switch to dpns. It’s so much easier to learn dpns when the stitches are well established.

They look a lot more difficult than they really are. You’re always only knitting with two.

It also helps to learn and practice on yarn at least as thick as worsted weight. You make so much more progress with thicker yarn and the needles are easier to handle. I first tried on fingering weight sock yarn and size 2 or 3 needles and it was SO frustrating. Much better when I switched to a size 7 and worsted weight.

I agree with Ingrid’s suggestion of starting a hat on circular needles then moving to dpns when your decreases make the circulars difficult to work with. This is the easiest way to get comfortable with dpns! :thumbsup: