Hi Everyone :wink:

I’m wanting to try to knit this pattern:


[COLOR=black]The problem is that when I try to find these yarns, I can’t. I haven’t even seen any online store selling the Crystal Palace Big Net and only a few of the Glam and hardly none of the Raggedy :wall:. My question to all of you knowlegable knitters is can you recommemd yarns that I can replace these for to still give me that sort of look?:shrug:[/COLOR]


I answered your post in the General forum - look for “Summer Net” at YarnMarket. Same yarn, different colours.


I don’t use a lot of novelty yarns, so can’t recommend substitutes, but online www.Yarndex.com has all 3 (fairly good selection of all) and www.Royalyarns.com has Raggedy (just a purple shade) and Glam (4 colors).

I believe Crystal Palace has a listing of the websites that offer their yarns. Have you checked into that?

Yes, I looked into the links and although they carry CP’s yarn, they don’t specifically either carry the yarn I need or the colors that are asked for in the pattern. I appreciate all the help, I ended up picking some other types of CP and hopefully it turns out alright :slight_smile: lol

Summer Net comes in ivory:


and so does Glam:


Raggedy seems to be discontinued, but is only used for the fringe.