[B] My family, ( sisters and cousins ) have found out that I’m knitting. They all want a hat!

Now all I know is how to KNIT ( Garter Sticth ) And Purl. Is there a apttern for a hat that takes just those swtitches???

IF SO, would you PLEASE POST it for me???
Thank You In Advance!!!

Doing one in the round is all knit. Doing one flat is knit and purl and that’s all the stitches there are in knitting anyway. You would need to learn to decrease, but that’s just knitting 2 sts together.

[B]I’m trying to remember what the ROUND is.

I think I can decrease. BUt what is the pattern? Such as, how many stitches do I CO… When do I start decrasing? Stuff like that.

Thank You!


Go look at - lots of hat patterns. Making one in the round is on circular needles, so you may not be ready for that yet. I think Jan has a link to a hat pattern that’s knit flat. Basically, if it’s for an adult, CO enough stitches for about 20-22", knit in 2x2 ribbing for an inch or two, then you can continue in ribbing or knit in stockinette, start decreasing after about 8 or 9 inches and when you get down to about 10 sts or so, cut the yarn, leaving about a 12" tail, pull that through the remaining sts and seam up the 2 edges.

Try this one. It was the first hat I’ve ever made. Don’t worry about putting the pattern onto it, just follow the instructions. It’s super easy. :slight_smile:

some easy ones here also

[B]Suzeeq, Jints & Riss,

Thank You All for the patterns! I copied 3 of them that look GREAT!

Thank you for answers! When no one is around,m I like to knit blocks to practice new stitches. So I’m slowly getting the hang of them.