Okay I need to unknit about 8 stitches on a purl row and I cannot find anywhere on the net to show me, help please…

When you tink a knit stitch you put the needle in from front to back, when you tink a pearl, it’s back to front.

Thanks I am just going to take it to my knitting class, I am afraid I am going to mess it up

carla…if you have spare needles grab some yarn, co and then do a few rows of purl. Maybe just six or seven stitches so you make up a quick swatch. Then you can practice removing stitches. I’m assuming you are right handed and the needle on the left when you’re about to do a row has all the stitches. Purl one or two and now stretch out the left needle a bit and you will see the next stitch and what is like a bracelet or tie or collar around the base of it. This was the stitch in the row below. You bring the tip of your right needle from the back and hook that collar on the right side (closest to your right hand). Carefully lift it off and onto the right needle. Now you have removed a stitch in purl. If you google “how do I remove a purl stitch” you will find instructions online but using swatches is a great way to try and not be worried about your main knitting.

I will wait for someone to correct me on my explanatory technique :slight_smile: :cool:

Or try a destination row… or just slip the stitch off the right needle, gently pull the working wool out, you will be left with the original stitch hanging in midair, put the left needle through it. Repeat…