I am a new knitter and am having trouble with the basic knit stitch…if anyone can give me tips, I appreciate it

Did you watch Amy’s videos?

Yes, I have watched them several times and have also looked through books and other websites and am still having trouble

OK - try to describe what’s happening, or not happening.

Whenever I try to switch the new stitch onto the right needle, it always comes undone…I’ve been stuck on this for a few days and cant figure out what im doing wrong

What kind of cast on are you doing?

single cast on

I would strongly advise trying one of the other cast on methods. If you do the backward loop wrong, (I guess it would be a frontward loop then wouldn’t it) you don’t have a basis for the first row of stitches to latch on to, so to speak, and your stitches fall off or are so loose that they can’t be worked well.

Look at the videos again for long tail. It’s not really that difficult and it makes a very nice edge. Or cable cast on.

I’ll try that now…how long have you been knitting?

I learned to knit in, uh, 1963 or so. :shock: I knit periodically through my teens, then again through my pregnancies, little-kid years, and the occasional gift stuff. Then I went a long time without knitting anything. My grandson got a knit sweater from his great grandmother (on his dad’s side). When I told him I could knit, he asked me to make him one. I did, and haven’t gone a day without knitting since. That was about 3 years ago.

Don’t be discouraged. Everyone has one kind of trouble or another at first. It’s one of those skills that gets better with repetition. Hang in there.
This is a good place for tea, sympathy, knitting tips and giggles. :smiley:

I must go. :zzz: Good night!

I’ve only been knitting for a week, so I can’t give you much technical help, but I can overload ya on moral support!!! That knit stich took me about 3 days and a thousand trys to figure out. :doh: So keep trying hun! It’ll come to ya! :thinking: :?? :cheering: