I have :woot: finished :cheering: my toe up socks :?? but there is some :waah: problem ,which i notice and cann’t like :oops: :tap: .I start with crochet cast on and pick up stiches and the problem i can see after :oops: :frog: finishing is on this point, because i cann’t block the first stiches (begning stiches). is somebody like to help me :psst: .

xxx :x: :guyknitting:

I haven’t done toe up socks so I can’t help too much. Can you explain a little more? Is there a hole or something? Any chance you can post a photo?

All I can think of for these socks since they are finished is to use some yarn and kind of sew up the hole.

Here’s some toe up cast ons for next time.