:doh: I am new to the knitting world and i am knitting some felted baby booties. I am on row 3 and already troubles. Can you help me with where i can find a demo to see what W & T means … it says (slip next st to right needle purlwise, with yarn at back of work, pass yarn to front of work between needles, slip same at back into left needle, turn) :wall:

If some one could just guide me in the right direction i would really appreciate it. Thank you dreamz

The only good tutorial I know of is one that is paid and I can’t pass it along because of that. that did give you pretty exact instructions though.

Take your next stitch and pass it to the right needle purlwise without working it.
bring the yarn from the back to the front (like you are moving it to purl)
move the slipped stitch back to the left hand needle
and then turn your work like you are at the end of the row (even though you aren’t)
and continue working from there.

Here’s some info that might help:

Scroll down the ‘short row’ pics.


:shrug: may be it can help you. this is amy’s page on this poge go dawn and look after short row it is a video and nr 2 try this too :cheering: