Help! I am trying to knit a handle for a felted bag. In the instructions it tells me to cast on more stitches, however I only have the one strand of yarn that is coming out of my ball of yarn…how do I do this? I am stumped. I know how to cast on with the slip knot, but this is in the middle of a project, how do you cast on now?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cricket :slight_smile:

In the ‘Basic Techniques’ tab up top of this page, check out the cast-on page. It has a few ‘single cast on’ methods to choose from. Knit on, cable cast on, or backward loop. Any of those would be appropriate for a mid-project cast on.

Thank you! I did check there and used the backwards loop cast on, worked well! I appreciate your help!

Cricket :slight_smile: