I have been knitting a long time, but the only way I know to join old yarn with new yarn is to tie a knot. Can anyone out their tell me another way to join yarn? I am only working with one ball of yarn (if that me a difference).

I use knots. I don’t like the lumpy stitches when you try to knit the ends together for a few stitches.


Amy has some great videos here for different methods of joining. I am sure you will find one that works great for you!

I practically never tie knots. The only thing I’ve tied them on lately has been a few charity knits that I wasn’t sure how they would be cared for and I still weave in the ends. 99% of the time I just start knitting with the new color and weave in the ends. If I can get away with it I even knit with the ends for 4-5 stitches and then cut it about 1/2 in from the work.