I am trying to knit s shrug, its call “Blobblicious”, but the only thing I am stuck on it call for MB or Make Bobble on the sleeves. The instruction tell me how, but I do not understand can someone help me Please?

can you write out the directions for MB and tell us what exactly about them you don’t understand?

the instruction says:
[k into front, then back of st] twice, then k into front again ( 4 sts increased) question: Is that one stitch? how do I knit into front and back of the same stitch then the instruction says: turn work and p5; turn work and [k2tog, k1, k2tog], turn work and p3tog; turn work and slip this stitch to right needle

When you knit into the front and the back of the stitch (kfb, also known as a bar increase), you knit through the front loop as you would normally do, then without sliding the stitch off, stick the right hand needle the back loop of the same stitch and knit it again. There’s a video on this site under “increases”. in your instructions, you do that series I just described twice without sliding the original stitch off the left needle. then you knit into the front one more time before sliding it off.

then turn your work as directed. you may have not completed the row, but turn it anyway. do the instructions make sense from that point?

Thank you “mwedzi” Thanks for that information.