When I was knitting in the round, something very strange happened. For the next 5 or 6 rows, the stitches where really hard to pull up the needle. they where tight. i am wondering if i am just casting on too tight or something. but after, like 5 rows the knitting became normal. please tell me what i can do to prevent this. or at least deal with it. much appreciated. :thumbsup:

Do you reckon your stitches were twisted when you joined?

no they weren’t. my stitches weren’t twisted and the piece was beautiful.

do you mean it is hard to work them or it is hard to get them around the needle? generally when i knit in the round, the first row is harder to work because the stitches haven’t worked themselves into the needle yet and the cast on is probably a little tighter than it should be. after that first round it is usually smooth sailing!

If the needle is slightly too long, it’s more difficult, especially in the beginning, to get the stitches to slide around easily. As the piece gets longer, it becomes more elastic.