Hi everyone, I’m not quite a knitting beginner, but not far off! I’ve used YouTube quite a bit to teach myself. I’m now so out of my depth and hope someone can help. I’m knitting a Sirdar pinafore dress and have completed the back. I’m working on the front and have got to row 2 which is the 4th row of a repeated pattern. I’m so confused, when it says repeat pattern to say 42. How do I count the Stitches to be able to make the hearts. I’m not sure I’ve made sense, but hopefully the attachments will

The pattern is Sirdar 4885

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Adorable little pinafore but not the easiest pattern to follow. The stitch count within the center panel changes because the stitch count within the hearts varies. Using markers will make this simpler to work.

There will always be the 30 stitch side panels in stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row) on each side. Then there is the zigzag stitch which consists of 4sts (the p2, yarn over and the decrease), again on each side of the center. The remaining sts are immediately on either side of the heart itself. Place markers on the needle between the sections: the 30stitch stockinette on both sides and the zigzag on both sides. You might mark the center stitch on the knit fabric itself.

Use the 4 row pattern to help with the zigzag but use the following rows to work the rest of the center panel and heart motifs.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile:. Sorry,c I’m still trying to get my head around it. So are you saying the zigzag part is always 4 stitches? That’s the bit that’s confused me because each row of the 4 is different? I’m working the 2nd size, so for example row 6 … patt 34 to point of zigzag, then 4 zigzag and then 4 purl the other side of the marker and then follow instructions on 6? Best of luck working out my reply haha.
Trust me to pick a confusing pattern!

I used numbers in my reply for the first size. You’re right, the second size has 34stitch side panels.
Yes, that’s the way to work row 6: 34sts side panel, 4sts zigzag wrong side row, 4 sts (that’s the 42sts in pattern) purl 5sts (this is the heart motif wrong side). The rest of the row mirrors the beginning: 4sts, 4 zigzag, 34 side panel.

Ok thanks, I think I understand, but only just, I’m not going to lie. No offence to whoever wrote the pattern… but jeez! There must be an easier way to set the instructions. ( For a beginner I mean)
I’m knitting for a little girl who’s had quite a battle. So I’m going to keep going.

Thanks again for your help.
I love this site already.

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That’s so kind of you to work through the pattern for this little girl.
There are only a few projects on Ravelry for this pattern but one complains about the difficulty is figuring it out.

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Looks perfect to me! The knitting is lovely and even too. It’ll be a much appreciated gift, I’m sure.

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