Has anyone knitted up snuggly DK 4583?
I’m on the sleeves knitting the third size and am confused. After knitting the first 4 rows of pattern it states to work 0 more rows in pattern increasing 1 stitch each end of next and following 6 rows until 47 stitches!! I’m :woman_shrugging:t2:

I think those are separate instructions. I.e., you work 2 more rows of the pattern only for smallest & 2 largest sizes. So skip that line and keep working in pattern established in rows 1 - 4, increasing on the next and every following 6th row until you have 47 sts. How many sts do you give on your needle after row 4?

I have 33 stitches after row 4. Thank you! That makes sense :sunglasses: