I have finally come to the end of a baby afghan blanket. I have garter stiched the last 6 rows and I was expecting the edge to scallop like the beginning 6 rows, but it hasn’t, I don’t know what to do. This is a gift for someone and I can’t give it to them if it looks this way - what happened, I have undone it and redone it several times and still no scallop - PLEASE HELP. The pattern should have made a scallop - it is a bernat pattern if that is any help.

are the instructions for the last six rows the same as they are for the first six?

Yes - garter stich first and last 6 rows. The only difference I can perceive is that fort he first row after the 6, I start with the pattern, then I purl a row, when I come to the end I have a pattern row, then purl row, then the last 6 rows. I tried skipping the last purl row, but no difference.

You’ve actually taken it off the needles and seen that there was no scallop?

If you haven’t taken it off the needles, the scallop may not show because the needle is holding it straight.

I did a feather and fan washcloth once…f&f waves A LOT, and when I was finished, the cast off edge looked way less wavy than the cast on edge. Washing helped a lot, and also a loose cast off would have helped more. The two edges won’t be identical because casting on and casting off are two completely different processes.

I guess i don’t understand how garter stitch would turn into a scalloped edge… is it something in the pattern row that would do it? :??

The blanket must be in some kind of patterned stitch, but with a garter stitch border.

Thanks all for the help. The pattern created the garter stitch to scallop at the edge. I don’t know what to do - I have cast off and there is a very minimal wave, the other end is very scalloped and looks so nice - I don’t know if I can give it as a gift now!!! :crying:

Did your gauge change from when you started?

Maybe you should try blocking it.

Another option is to start again to get the scalloped edge, and then sew it to the one you have.