Hi there I am working on an Aran jumper for my baby grandson and am up to the neck shaping in the front and I have made a mistake and can’t work out how to unpick it and I think I have lost a stitch :see_no_evil:I was wondering if anyone lives near me who would be able to help me please? I can’t face unpicking it all as I am almost finished it :cry: please can anyone help? I live in Ingleby Barwick in North Yorkshire, thanks Sally

Can you post photos of the problem areas? There might be a way of fixing it without having to unpick it.

Yes please, make a photo of your jumper, I think all together we can come up with an idea how to solve it.

I have tried unpicking a line but think I have dropped a stitch - it’s hard to see in the photos but there is a hole now :see_no_evil: I find it really difficult to unpick it as the pattern is so complex you see so am not sure what to do