Hi all! I’ve rushed and made this mistake, I’ve gone back a couple of stitches but I don’t know what to do with this particular one - any ideas will be greatly appreciated ;-;

I can’t see what you have done maybe if you spread the work out or described what you think you did?.

I don’t quite remember what I did (I fiddled with it for a while, shame on me) - there seems to be one loop omitted on the left needle, and there is a knot tightened where the normal purl would be - I was thinking maybe I should go back a couple of stitches further, but what is the part that I should hook to bring the stitch back? Here’s a closer look

Try to take that stick off and see if the knot will un twist And go back on the left needle as a stitch. On of the mod just posted a video for someone else about how to fix your dropped or otherwise problem stitches with out ripping out rows . I will go back and see what it was called

If you go to recent topics M1R M1L question and see if you can scroll to the video.

I’ll! Thanks a lot

You might pinch the stitch or put a stitch marker through the row below then pull out the working yarn strand. It should leave you with a loop which can then be knit. Pinching or the stitch marker will keep the stitch from laddering down too many rows.


I’ve found another hole in the previous row, so I’m resorting to using a lifeline. Thank you for the help though!!