I am knitting a pattern that has words in it and for some reason the words are reading backwards (from right to left). What am I doing wrong?

Do you have any link to the pattern?

Is it a left handed knitting pattern?

Hi my name is Eileen and I am from Alaska and just recently moved to Pelham New York. I am having an issue with a knitting project I’m working on. I am doing an Indianapolis Colts logo on a blanket in stokinet stitch for my nephew. The logo consists of a horseshoe and the word COLTS in blue on a white background. For some reason my letters ar reversed and the word Colts is backwards. What did I do wrong?

No it’s just one I made up by looking at logos online. Then I made an excel spreadsheet of it and have just been knitting from that.

The only thing I can think of is are you reading your chart correctly? Are you working the RS rows of the chart from right to left?

Yes and the wrong side from right to left. The letters look fine but they’re backwards. Literally.

You’re working from a chart that shows the letters as you would read them, COLTS?
Are you reading the chart starting from the bottom right?
The right side (RS) rows are read right to left and the wrong side (WS) rows from left to right.
I’m assuming that this blanket is knit back and forth in rows and not in the round.
The knitting itself looks lovely but we’ve got to fix the letters.