Hi and Thanks for adding me.
Im relatively new to knitting and am stuck. Ive knitted a raglan v neck jumper for my baby grandson and ive hit this Neckband: Sew raglan seams. With RS of work facing and smaller needles, K2 (3-45) from right front safety pin. Pick up and knit 10 sts up Right Front neck edge. K4 (44-6) from right sleeve st holder. K17 (1821-23) from back neck st holder, dec 2 sts evenly across. K4 (4-4-6) from left sleeve st holder. Pick up and knit 10 sts down Left Front neck edge. K2 (3-4-5) from left front safety pin. 47 (50-55-63) sts. Knit 2 rows. Cast off knitwise (WS).
Can any one put this in to english for me please. im seeing gobbledy gook. I have 4 sections, front,back and 2 arms. In the v i have proper bound off stitches then 4 each side on stitch saves and then the work is just decrased if that helps.
Thanks in advance


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Which size are you making, the first, second, etc?


Its for 12 month baby. Its the middle number in ( ). Thank you


OK, I’ll use the middle number in parentheses as an example.
The right front is going to be the right as if you were wearing the sweater. Knit the 4sts off the pin directly or slip them onto a needle and knit them off that needle.
Pick up 10sts up the right front. Here’s a video for picking up sts if needed:

Knit 4sts from the top of the right sleeve. Again you can knit these off the holder or slip them onto a needle and knit off that needle as usual.
There are 21sts on the back neck holder. Knit across these sts knitting 2 together in 2 places along the back (k2tog around stitch 7 and stitch 14).
Knit across the 4 held sts for the left sleeve, pick up and knit 10sts down the left front and finally, knit 4sts from the left safety pin.


Thank you ever so much. That makes more sense. Fingers crossed i get it now