I really need help with this pattern. I am knitting a patchwork pillow. i wish i could put the photo of it on this website but I can’t. Anyway, i am knitting with 2 colors. i will put the pattern down below. but i am wondering, which knitting with 2 colors should I use? Another question is how do i bind off, in knit or purl? they don’t say in the patern.

                           Patchwork Pillow

Amount: 1 ounce of CA, small amounts of CB,CC, and CD>
Knitting Needles: U.S. size 8 (5mm)
Gauge: 15sts=4"; 22 rows= 4" in St st.

Front: with CA cast on 29 sts. Work in St st beg K row, following chart for color placement and reading odd numbered rows from right to left and even numbered rows from left to right OR follow written instructions.

Note: do not carry color in use, but use seperate skeins as required, pick up next color to be used under colo just used to prevent a hole. join and cut colors as required.

Row 1 (Right Side): with CA K19, with CB K10
Row 2: with CB P10, with CA P19
Rows 3-14: Rep Rows 1 and 2 six more times
Row 15: with CA K10, with CC K9, with CD K10
Row 16: with CD P10, wiht CC P9, with CA P10
Rows 17-28: rep rows 15 and 16 six more times
Row 29: with CB K10, with CD K19
Row 30: with CD P19, with CB P10.
rows 31-42: Rep Rows 29 and 30 six more times. Bind off.

It looks like when you switch the colors, you’d do it the way you change colors in intarsia. Hold the color you’re dropping over to the left and bring the new color up from under it.

Row 42 is a purl row, so I’d bind off the next row in knit.

thanks a bunch Ingrid!