I am new to knitting and think I have made a a big mistake but can’t quite work out what I have done wrong! I thought I was following the pattern.
I have attached a picture of the pattern and my knitting.

I am making baby booties , and inthe pattern it has a section where you have to turn (circled in red) . As a result I now have a hole in my knitting. Both times there was a stich count on the pattern had the same number of stitches on my needle?

Can someone please explain to me what went wrong and the correct interpretation of the pattern.

When you turn you will get a small hole and a gap. Each time you get to the end of the row, the k2tog or k2tog tbl should close up the hole left by the turn. You can look for one stitch before that gap as a signal of when to k2tog one stitch on each side of the gap.