Ok, so I’m quite new to knitting and I’m having trouble with my purls. When I alternate between knit and purl, it makes a garter stich instead of a stocking stitch (stockinette)

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If you are alternating knits and purls in one row you are ribbing not making stockinette. To make stockinette you’ll want knit across one row, turn and purl across the back, etc. What are you making?

Ribbing knit flat or in the round- k1, p1. Can also be done with other numbers like k2, p2, etc. To keep it ribbed always knit the knits and purl the purls.

Stockinette knit flat is knit a row purl a row. So knit the front, turn, purl the back.
Stockinette knit in the round is knit all rows.

Garter stitch knit flat is all knit rows on both sides.
Garter stitch in the round is knit a row purl a row.

I’m not ribbing, I do 1k 1p and it makes a garter stitch. I think I might be purling wrong?

Jan has explained clearly in her post about the difference between stocking stitch and ribbing. Garter stitch is all knit stitches both sides - no purling at all
Stocking stitch is knit 1 row, purl the following row
Ribbing is knit1 stitch,purl 1 stitch across the same row ( or a variant of)

This video shows how to make a purl stitch.
Hope this helps to explain
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Ohhhhh, thanks so much!