I’ve gotten to the bit where it tells me to fold Base in half and pick up 12 stitches, can anyone help to explain this for me, I’m not really following

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Folding in half is just so that you can place a marker to guide you in picking up sts, 12 sts before the marker and 10 after.
It seems like you’re picking up sts all around a rectangular base starting at the upper left corner after the live sts on the right needle. Like this.

What are you making? Can you give us a pattern name?

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This is the link to the pattern

So I’ve got the rectangle on circular needles

Does this mean I use my needle on the right to pick up 12 stitches on the top left corner? Knit the 12 stitches up to the pin and pick up another 10?

Then when I get to the other side pick up 22?

Use the needle on the left in your photo to pick up the 12 then 10. There’s a video on the Free Videos tab at the page top if you need help with that.
Then knit the sts from the provisional and finally 22 on the 4th side.

Thank you salonmac