Help! I have NO idea how this happened. I have used this same pattern for years and never had this happen. I am 3/4 through a blanket and just realized that my last 20 rows are flipped?!? The back pattern of the blanket is now on the front. I don’t understand how this happened without turning the needle around and starting from the bottom which obviously didn’t happen. Thanks!!!

Aww sorry! Looks like you either followed the wrong row or maybe started knitting the wrong direction. Best thing to do is rip back and figure out where you need to be.

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Wow i have to agree with Jan_in_CA it seems that you started to follow for example if you were doing stockinette stitch where the first row is knit and the second is purl and you weren’t concentrating and you did 2 of the ssme rows and continued from there. Unfortunately it looks like yoi have a lot of frogging to do. :frowning: So sorry let me know how it goes

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I thought the same thing that maybe I did a back to back knit or purl not paying attention, but just that row or two should be wrong. As soon as I got back to the normal pattern, it should have gone back to normal. What do you mean by knit in the wrong direction? If I can figure out how I did this, I can switch back and forth and make a new pattern instead of ripping it out. Thanks so much!!!

Never mind. I did a practice swatch and knitting two back to back swapped it. Still don’t understand why that would be?! As soon as I purl the next row and move on it seems it should be back to normal. Not sure how that inverted it, but it did! Arghhhhh. Thanks again!

:sob::sob::sob::sob:that is sad. Glad you figured it out. That is a bummer nonetheless. My heart goes out to you

Sorry I am not sure what to say. Looking at the picture again it still looks like you continued the pattern but somehow duplicated a row and then just continued on. I am surprised that it took you all those rows to see that your pattern was not constant with the beginning. Its a shame because you have done so much. I don’t believe that if you did a row or two erroneously would have gotten you back to the normal pattern. Being that it is a blanket you could get away with flipping the pattern back and forth, that of course is a personal choice. At this point I guess you have do decide whether you want to rip it out or continue flipping the pattern back and forth. Good luck! Keep us posted as to your decision:

Doing one row incorrectly, i.e. two knit rows back to back or two purl rows back to back will throw off the pattern for as long as you continue. If you were to do this mistake again, that would put you back into the correct row sequence.
It looks to me like the change over pattern is shorter than this others, as though you skipped a row and put either two knits or two purl rows back to back.
13inked smaller

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Exactly where my thoughts were::smile:

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Thanks! I’m still a bit confused why this flips the pattern, but obviously does! I think I’m going to plow ahead on the last half as is in the same number of patterns I did on the bottom and pretend like I meant to do it that way lol!! I will be MUCH more careful (and perhaps skip the extra glass of wine while knitting :)) on the next one. Thanks again!

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That’s quite actually maybe you should think about having a second glass of wine to balance you out. Post it when you finish and let us see how you did.

To help understand how it flips the pattern: if all odd-numbered rows are the right side, for stockinette stitch all odd rows would be knit and even rows purl. But if you knit an extra row (say row 16) between a knit row (15) and a purl row (now 17), suddenly all your purl rows are the odd rows and knit rows are the even ones. Therefore the purl side has become the right side and the knit side is the wrong side.