I found this pattern for a beautiful blanket and it looked fairly simple. Now I’m not sure if this is what it should look like or am I doing something wrong. There seems to be small holes that weren’t in the original picture. **

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The pattern is correct i made a shawl using the feather and fan pattern., the holes occur becsuse of the yarn overs and the knit togethers. I love the pattern and find it very versatile. By the way i love the color. Take a picture when it is finished.

Thanks! So is it looking right according to the pattern? I love the color as well. It’s for my new grandson.


Can wait to see when it’s completed

Dumb question but is this the right side or wrong side?

Your knitting looks very pretty. It’s the RS showing in your photo, the side with the Vs of stockinette.

This pattern is gradually becoming known as feather and fan although it’s really a pattern called Old Shale. Feather and fan is actually a different stitch.

Thanks for thhe information. I guess the pattern i was using was known as “old shale”, either way i love it.