Hello, I am a relatively new knitter and I am having a very hard time understanding this pattern basically there is an asterisk before the yarn over but there’s nothing to indicate where for me to repeat two and then I’m ending up with not enough stitches on the end to finish so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or how to fix it. If I Could show somebody this pattern and they can help me make sense of it I would really appreciate it

We’ll be happy to try and help. Can you give us a pattern name and maybe a link to it? You can also quote the row that’s causing the problem and also the row before and the one after. Don’t post the whole pattern. That can cause copyright problems. lacy vine fingerlesss gloves

All free and the pattern is Lacey vine fingerless gloves and the problem starts on row 4

Very delicate looking mitts.

Since you’re only casting on 30 sts, there is no repeat, at least for rows 4 and 6. They do have an asterisk but you can ignore it.
If you’re not ending up with enough sts at the end of the row, it may be that you’re using a stitch for the yarn over. Remember that the yarn over doesn’t use a stitch, it’s just bringing the yarn to the front between the needles.

THANK YOU!!! I just learned to knit right before last Christmas and I can’t seem to stop but sometimes I can’t figure things out on my own since I’m almost entirely self taught and I need to ask for help I’m so glad that I found this website so I can talk to people who like to knit I literally used all of my resources and people and nobody could help me

Glad to be able to help. Come back anytime to ask or to answer posts. We’re all pretty much hooked on knitting and crochet too.

Idk how to podt a pic on here but i did it!!! Ill be back when i have to make the thumb hole bc i have no idea how! If they turn out nice, i plan on making a pair for my sister in a neutral shade for christmas! And maybe one for my mom to go with her scarf. Do you think these are too feminine for a guy? Id do one for my dad if not to go with his scarf as well if not. Or maybe a different pattern.

Terrific! It’s a lovely pattern and yes, there are plenty of others out there. It does seem rather feminine. Maybe something with cables for your dad?
(For a photo, use the little up arrow icon on the top line in the message reply box to upload one from your device.)


I havent done any cables yet! Not sure if I am ready to attempt them. I do have the needles for them tho. There was this awesome little kit on amazon for like $6 with free shipping that had all these knotting tools in it.

Ok i am ready to assemble and stitch the first one up! I dont know hownto button hole!

This video shows the stitch. You can use the single yarn strand that you’ve been using to seam up the side. You’ll be leaving an opening for the thumb.

Im not following

The idea is to seam up the mitts but leave an opening for the thumb. You could sew up to where you’d like the thumb opening, fasten off the yarn and start seaming again above the opening.

Instead, the pattern suggests doing the blanket stitch along one side of that opening, seaming above the opening then going back over that seam to the other side of the opening and using blanket stitch on that side. That’ll make the two sides edges look the same at the thumb.

You could always just seam above and below the opening if you prefer.

Thats what i did. Do i need to PM for the left? Bc the other hand didnt need it

Only if the marker helps you. Yes, I see that the marker was omitted for the right hand.

Now it says if i want to knit them bigger i use a bigger needle is that true for smaller. Like if i wanna knit them for a 5 year old

You may not like the denseness or stiffness of the mitts if you go down too far in needle size with the same yarn. Try it and see if you like the knit fabric. If not, a lighter weight yarn may be what’s needed.

As well as a smaller needle

Hey! Wanna teach me to tink my k2tog?!!?