HELP - yfd (twice)

I have a pattern that calls for yfwd (twice). I have tried but every time I do it I lose 15 stitches! Do patterns account for this? After the first time the count stays the same. The patterns if BERNAT for the Ladder Lace Poncho. HELP!!!

yfwd twice?? :?: Hmmm … coming from a knit st, that just sounds like a YO. Coming from a purl sts, it sounds like a double YO. :?

Let me try to find the pattern to take a peek … is it a free pattern at Be right back …

The pattern is on the site but it’s not a free one. Here’s the instructions - it’s only 2 rows of pattern. Here I thought I would whip this up in no time!! There is a NOTE that says: (yfwd) twice counts as 2 sts.

1st row: (RS), Sl1K. *K2tog. (yfwd) twice. Sl1. K1. psso. Rep from * to last st. K1.

2nd row: Sl1K. *K2. P1. K1. Prep from * to last st. K1.

Yep … It just sounds like a YO to me. When you K2tog, you must compensate for the lost st. In most of the patterns that I’ve read, the comp is via a “YO”.

Now I see you have a decrease at the psso too. So maybe what they really mean is to [color=blue]YO twice[/color], which would compensate for the two decreased sts.

“yfwd twice” … what a strange way to say “YO”. :?

Someone else jump in here if I’m wrong…

I’ve done the yo twice - still leaves me 15 stitches short at the end. AHHHH!!! Thanks…

I’m just brainstorming here, and I’m thinking that maybe the YOx2 won’t allow for you to actually work them on the next row. :? Hmmm?? How many stitches are casted on? I can try a swatch at home tonight if you want… :smiley:

62 stitches - I always end up with 47.

Thanks for your help!

I just tried a little swatch of your pattern and was able to keep the number of stitches constant. I did notice that things get a little dicey on row 2 when you work those two YO’s. Things get mighty loose and I bet it would be easy to accidently drop one of those, especially the second one. You might be losing stitches that way.
But it ends up looking like alternating vertical stripes of solid knitting and holes. Kinda pretty.

This is exactly what I suspected and why wanted to try it out when I get home. I’m still going to try it to see what it looks like. The picture on Bernat isn’t a a very good picture; I totally can’t see the poncho. :frowning:

Hmm…How on earth did you work the YO?? I couldn’t work them at all. :oops:

I FINALLY GOT IT!! When working the second row, I think I was reading the first K2 as K2tog as in the first row. Seems all is well now. Thanks to all of you for your help. :smiley:

Hmm…How on earth did you work the YO?? I couldn’t work them at all. :oops:[/quote]

Having YO twice in a row on row 1, on row 2 they are just merely stitches on the needle, albeit loose ones. Same idea as working any YO done in a previous row, except there are two. They are loose enough that one has to be careful not to let them slip off in the process of knitting or purling them.