Help! Yarn insufficient! Blanket

Ok, some time ago, I posted a story of me buying 18 skeins of pure bamboo yarn. I didn’t know what do make out of it, but I wanted pure bamboo yarn anyway. :happydance:

Now I found something to do with it, a blanket for the hot days.
The problem is that after finishing one skein, I get about 2 inches of blanket. With 18 skeins, this is just not big enough. :pout:

The lady that sold me the yarn regretted having bought it, so I guess she won’t restock, and I haven’t found it anywhere else either.

I thought about lengthening it with the silk yarn I bought, 6 skeins, 98% silk.
Even the tofutsies might flow into it… (2 skeins)

I’m a bit desperate. :help:

And hoping that blocking would stretch it a little (or rather more than a little :teehee: ), but I don’t think that bamboo stretches well. Its like cotton… :sad:

It’s “fonty bambou”. The other ones are “Lang Silk” and “tofutsies”.

What do you think? Should I order more of the bamboo yarn (I have found a shop that would ship it), or integrate the other possible yarns?

Have you tried eBay and Ravelry? If you can’t find it you could find a nice contrasting color to go with it and it would probably look nice.

If you can get more of the yarn, I’d get more of it.

But if not, incorporating other yarns into it will make for a very interesting, textured blanket! Perhaps you could use a *different pattern stitch (same gauge!) for the different yarns. That will make the blanket look like you did it “on purpose”, not as a bailout. Could look very artsy!

*don’t try to use garter stitch with st st