HELP - Yarn Disaster

I’ll try and leave the narrative out.

Dog waterer overflowed (after I told DH it was broken, he filled it anyway - Ok, I guess I couldn’t leave it out).

3 gallons (less than what stayed in the actual bowl) flowed over to my bag of tangled mangled messy yarn.

Tangled mangled messy yarn is now a wet soppy mess of tangled mangled messy yarn.

Is there ANY way to salvage? Most if not all is acrylic. Most are in balls, but there is ONE BIG HUGE tangled mangled mess.

And this is a white kitchen g’bag. Not just a lil plastic grocery bag.


Just let it air dry, it should be fine.

:noway: [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=teal]Awww man, I hate when that happens. What you could do is take all that mess out of the bag and spread it as much as you can so it will dry out. And then febreeze the holy hoojie out of it when it’s done and then comes the wonderful and time consuming task of re-rolling the lot. :zombie: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#008080]Good luck and have a glass of chianti handy and make sure there aren’t any kids in the room LOL Don’t want them learning new vocabulary words :aww: ![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Since its acrylic maybe you could try throwing it in the dryer … but maybe it would be better to lay it all out on a flat surface and let it air-dry… for the tangled mess, i dealt with that for an hour last night pulling it out and cutting when I had too…so good luck on that one:(

But see if it dry…maybe someone else can tell you if putting it in a dryer would be okay…you might have to try getting them in hanks first rather than balls.

Good luck!

Thanks for the quick replies guys!!!

So…spread out, let air dry…(away from the kittens…that’ll be a challenge)…lol…

What I could do…aww heck…maybe pull out the projects that are in there too, and just toss it all…:frowning: I was thinking of donating to freecycle anyway…

Some of the balls are just saturated tho. Won’t they become mildewey?

I’m a SHE (go see so that’s why it was like that to begin with.

You could either reball them while they’re wet and throw them in the dryer (I put rubberband around them and use low heat) or to speed drying time blow a fan on them while they are spread out.

Well, since you are a confessed SHE, take a deep breath and pitch it! YOu already said you were thinking of getting rid of it anyway. Consider the value of your time vs the value of the wool. :slight_smile: For me it wouldn’t be worth it. Unless there is a project there that you are truly in love with I say toss the whole thing out! :slight_smile:

Since, as you said, it’s mostly acrylic and you were planning to donate anyhow, you could either a) toss it or b) freecycle it as a “if you’re willing to deal with this mess, come get it by x:00 or it goes to the dumpster” deal. If someone wants it badly enough, they’ll deal with the mess for you. :slight_smile:

If it’s 100% acrylic, it won’t mildew as long as it isn’t wet for weeks and weeks.

I use acrylic worsted as wicks to water my plants. It stays wet for weeks/months at a stretch and never rots or mildews. It occasionally gets some algae, but a quick run under the tap & it rinses right out.

If you leave your wet yarn in an airy place, it should dry out just fine. Maybe roll it all up in a bath towel, then step on it a few times, to squeeze out excess water first. It will probably dry out just fine.

Thanks soooo much for your replies!!!

I’ve got it spread across the bedroom floor with the fan on it…and it’ll probably be dry this afternoon. (I did this yesterday too).

Hi Heather! Glad you got it under control! Our KH-ers really came up with some good tips! I can’t add a thing, except to say: they are right!

My recurring realtime nightmare: that I will tip over my Starbucks black coffee into my knitting bag! Your saga gives me shivers. I will positively be more careful!