Help: "work straight" in this context

I’m a new knitter and working on a simple cardigan. Thanks for the help!

The “work straight” in the following pattern portion has me confused (see bold part).

Is it:
– 1. Asking me to resume stockinette stitch and work straight in that for the specified length?
– 2. Asking me to repeat the armhole shapings (row 1-4, then row 1-2, repeat) for the specified length? If it is this . . . then that’s what I’ve done and there aren’t enough stitches left of the last 2 sets of 8 cast offs (see italics near the end).


With No 5 mm needles, cast on 87 sts and work 7 rows in stocking stitch, starting with a K row. Next row – K, thus forming ridge for hemline.

Change to No 6 mm needles and continue in stocking stitch, starting with a K row, until Back matches Fronts at side edge, ending with a P row.

Shape armholes as follows:
1st row – K1, sL1K, K1, psso, K to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1.
2nd row – P1, P2tog, P to last 3 sts, P2togtbl, P1.
3rd row – As 1st.
4th row – P.

Rep 1st to 4th row once more, then 1st and 2nd rows again. Work straight until Back matches Fronts to start of shoulder shapings, ending with a P row.

Shape shoulders as follows: Cast off 8 sts at beg of next 2 rows, 7 sts at beg of next 2 rows, then 8 sts at beg of following 2 rows. Cast off remaining 25 sts.

Work straight or work even means to continue with the stitch pattern, in this case stockinette, without increasing or decreasing until the specified length. So you got it with #1.

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Thank you!

Does this mean that “work straight” is the same as “work even” (and that both mean to continue without the increases/decreases)?

Yes. I’m not aware of exceptions but they almost certainly exist. In this context they mean the same.

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