Help with YRN before a K1!


I hit a roadblock and was hoping someone could help : )

my pattern says:

K1, slip last stich back onto LHN, lift net 8 stiches over it and off of LHN, yrn twice, K into slip st on LHN again

I understand everything but the fact that they want me to yrn before a K sts. Isn’t that supposed to be done before a P? And if I do that instead of yfwd it will creat 3 extra sts intead of 2.

Can anyone help?

Hi, they want you to do 2 yarn overs before you knit into that stitch…you are increasing :thumbsup:

Thanx: )

But just to be clear I’m adding three stiches then by doing the yrn? instead of 2 if I did a yfwd?

:thumbsup: yep 3sts total…

If you do just a yfd, isn’t that only adding 1 st?

I just grabbed some yarn and knitted your instructions. If you do exactly as a yrn is supposed to be done, you do end up with 3 yarn overs, because a yrn brings the yarn back to the front so you are then faced with taking it back over the top ready to knit the slipped stitch.

However, I think the pattern really wants you to end up with 2 yarn overs… what I did was do 1 yrn and then one yarn over.