Help with Yoke on cardigan

This is my first time knitting a cardigan with a yoke so please bear with me for what may be quite obvious questions. I have finished the body of the sweater and have divided for the armholes. At the end of this section it doesn’t say what I should do with this section. Do I cut the yarn and start the sleeves? It doesn’t say. Here is the link

I am sure I will be back with lots more questions.

thanks Debbie

This looks like a good pattern to work for the first time for a yoked cardigan.
After you finiish the bind off row for the underarms, set aside the body of the sweater (fronts and back). With a new end of yarn, start the first sleeve.

Ok, thanks for that quick answer. Now on the sleeves I am doing the size 4 and it calls for 30 stitches. On the sleeve pattern there is a repeat of 4 stitch es. Do I just go back and start at the beginning again. For Example in row 1 do I go back and end the round with a mc k2?


Yes, keep repeating the 4 stitch pattern. It’ll take 28sts and then you’ll have 2 MC stitches before you get to the end of round. That’s ok. Once you start the increase rounds, the number of sts at the beginning and end of round will be increasing anyway.

Ok, so I have my sleeves done and know I am joining all the pieces. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong but is it normal for it to be really tight around the sleeves. I am doing the purl row now and it seems almost impossible to get around the sleeves. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong.


Also it says to measure yoke until it measures 1.75. Where do you start this measurement from?


No, that’s normal that the first few rows near the sleeves are tight. You’re stretching the sleeve so that you can knit across the yoke. It’ll ease up after two or three rows.
Measure the yoke from where you started to join the sleeves onto the body. That’s the beginning of the yoke.

Ok, so far so good but now I am trying to make the bobble. I am after trying this over and over but it is just not working out. I am doing the k1 p1 k1 p1 into the one stitch, turning my work, then purling those 4 stitches together, turning my work again, I have the yarn in front of my needle and put (what looks like a mess) back on my right hand needle. I know it seems straightforward but I must be doing something wrong. Can you help me please!!!


It sounds like you’re following the directions correctly. If your next stitch after the bobble is a knit sitich, you probably want the yarn to the back rather than in front. (ETA: I see that the directions want you to have the yarn in front. OK)
Be sure to pull slightly on the purl 4 together to tighten that stitch up a bit. Sometimes I go back after a row or two and pinch the bobble to shape it amd make sure it sits on the RS of the work.