Help with YO in buttonhole row without leaving a hole

Hi gals, my first post ~ lovely to have found this forum! I am making my first baby sweater and have ripped out the right front numerous times now as I’m getting a hole where it shouldn’t be. I’ve had to reverse the pattern as it’s for a boy and I need the buttonholes on the right for a girl. I don’t know if I’ve done the reverse wrong or I’m not getting the YO correctly. The buttonhole is done in two rows as follows:
Working from bottom up: Cast on, then 4 rows Garter Stitch.
Row 5 (WS): K4, p to end.
Row 6 (RS): K across to last st; bind off 1 st, K last st.
Row 7 (WS): K1, yo, K2, p to end.
Row 5 (WS): P across to last 4 st, K4.
Row 6 (RS): K 1 st, bind off 1 st, K across.
Row 7 (WS): P across to last 3 sts, K2 yo, K1

Sorry to be so long, hope it makes sense. When I get done with Row 8 which is just Knit across and I look at it all, there is weird holes hanging around the buttonhole area. Don’t know how to describe it, but I think I’m messing up on the yarn over thing. Thanks for any advice you might offer. Deb

I’ve never seen a buttonhole where you bind off and yo. :thinking: It sounds like you’re doing the reversal correctly, but maybe you should try a different buttonhole.

Ingrid, Thanks for responding. What I’m wondering is if there is a rule for the yo. Is there a certain way you wrap the yarn depending on if you are on a purl or a knit row? I would try a different buttonhole, but this is for a class project and I could wait and ask the instructor, but we don’t meet for another two weeks! :frowning:

Since your yo’s are between knit stitches, they’d be the same. When I yo, I just bring the yarn forward and knit the next stitch.

What you could try is to cast on one stitch over the cast off one, instead of doing a yarn over.

YO buttonholes don’t look like ‘standard’ buttonholes. They basically make a hold–not edged or anything. Maybe you’re expecting something different than what you’re getting?