Help with yarn that tangles

I am a new knitter and have some trouble with the yarn tangling. With fun fur I can’t seem to find the beginning yarn in the center and when I do it still tangles. Any secrets? :frowning:

Hello pammy & welcome :waving: to KH :smiley:
I’m afraid I don’t have any secrets when it comes to untangling fun fur, I do know it can be a nightmare when it gets tangled, but that doesn’t help you, I know. I hope someone can jump in with some advice, I just haven’t used it much.
I wanted to welcome you to KH, tho :wink:

When I’m looking for the centre of a ball of fun fur, I have a little routine that I usually do. First I locate the outside end of the yarn, and note which end it was {or would have been} stuffed in. I then stick my index finger in each side of the ball, having them meet in the middle. I will wiggle them around a bit until I think I’ve found the section relatively close to the middle. Then I pull out the middle of the ball using the finger that’s in the end that didn’t have the outside end stuffed in. I gently tug on the little blob of yarn and coax it out of the ball until all that’s going back into the ball is a single strand. If you have three strands coming out, one of them is the yarn end. If you only have two, the yarn end is still inside. The blob of yarn that I’ve extracted from the ball, I will gently unravel it {often from the ball side} until I get to the very end. Depending on how much of a mess I have, I will either knit with it until I’ve used up what I pulled out, or will put it carefully in a ziploc bag.

Some “furs” are easier to find the ends of than others, and there are times where the easiest thing to do is just to start working from the outside of the ball.