Help with yarn sub

I’d like to make this “Lace Poncho”, but I’m having some doubts about using the Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky yarn, because I really want something easy care that I can just throw in the wash. I’m going to make it in off-white or white, and although I really love natural fibers, if I have to “hand wash and lay flat to dry” every time this gets dirty (which will be a lot since I always tend to find a way to get anything white or off-white dirty!!!), I’ll go crazy! :ick: It says it’s machine wash and dry, but is it really? I mean, it has 20% wool in it.

Also, the only wool to date that I’ve found not to be too itchy for me to wear is merino…this Wool-Ease just says “wool” on the label, so I’m not sure if it would be scratchy for me to wear.

So I’m trying to do a search of yarn that is easy care (machine wash and dry) with similar gauge, but I’m having a tough time (14 st sts x 18 rows on size 10½ [6.5mm] needles). Can anybody recommend a yarn?

Or, maybe the Wool-Ease really is machine wash and dryable–can anybody attest to personal experience with it being machine washable and dryable? I wouldn’t want it to felt on me after all that time and work. :waah:

I made a hat for DH out of wool ease chunky a few years ago. It’s handled being washed and dryed in the machine very well. no felting at all as far as I can tell.

It’s easy to find out these things, just look them up. Wool Ease is 80% acrylic and 20% wool. It washes and dries just fine from my experience and I don’t find it particularly scratchy. It’s one of those yarns that’s available at most of the Joanns and Michaels so you could go check it out to see if it’ll work for you.

I made a sweater with Wool-Ease and throw it in the wash (with my jeans) and the dryer (also with my jeans) all the time.

I guess that’s what I needed to hear–that even though the label stated that it’s machine washable–since it contains 20% wool–it really is machine washable. I’m really glad you all shared your personal experience with me. I had done some digging around before I posted my question but still wasn’t satisfied by what I found, so I wanted to post my question and see what others thought of the yarn. I was skeptical about a yarn that contains some natural fibers (even if it only is 20%) that claims to be machine washable, so it makes me feel good to know that others have had a positive result by machine washing.

They actually have some 100% wool that is machine wash and dryable now! I hate hand washing so that would be my choice, too. :teehee:

Jan, you enabler! :teehee: That just sounds like something I’ll have to go investigate. I really love wool…<sigh> it was my first love–but I don’t like to have to take such special care of it. Thanks for the info about the machine wash and dry wool! :muah:

It’s usually called “superwash wool”…just to make it easier to find for you. :teehee:

I haven’t used these so can’t speak of their quality or anything, but here’s a few.
Swish Superwash
Cascade 220 Superwash
Various superwash wools