Help with yarn sub

I’d like to make this “Lace Poncho”, but I’m having some doubts about using the Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky yarn, because I really want something easy care that I can just throw in the wash. I’m going to make it in off-white or white, and although I really love natural fibers, if I have to “hand wash and lay flat to dry” every time this gets dirty (which will be a lot since I always tend to find a way to get anything white or off-white dirty!!!), I’ll go crazy! :ick: It says it’s machine wash and dry, but is it really? I mean, it has 20% wool in it.

Also, the only wool to date that I’ve found not to be too itchy for me to wear is merino…this Wool-Ease just says “wool” on the label, so I’m not sure if it would be scratchy for me to wear.

So I’m trying to do a search of yarn that is easy care (machine wash and dry) with similar gauge, but I’m having a tough time (14 st sts x 18 rows on size 10½ [6.5mm] needles). Can anybody recommend a yarn?

Or, maybe the Wool-Ease really is machine wash and dryable–can anybody attest to personal experience with it being machine washable and dryable?