Help with yarn sub

I’d LOVE to make these super-cute slippers that use Lion Brand’s “Tiffany” yarn (DK weight yarn, 100% nylon [looks and feels like angora according to their site] 24 sts x 32 rows = 4" [10cm] on size 8 [5mm] needles), but I can’t find this yarn in a yarn store near me, and I really don’t want to order it if I don’t have to (I’d rather go to a store and purchase it in person so I can start on them quicker). I’m also a little bit bugged about the price of the yarn cost at probably $12.00 for one pair of baby/toddler-sized slippers.

I saw that Hobby Lobby is having their “Yarn Bee” yarns on sale, and I was wondering if they have a comparable substitute both in gauge and look/feel that anybody might be able to recommend. Because I haven’t seen or felt the “Tiffany” yarn in person, it’s hard for me to know what kind of yarn I’m supposed to be subbing for.

Also, if I do find a suitable sub in the “Yarn Bee” yarns–and the gauge is the same as “Tiffany”–will it matter that the yarn contents will probably be different (will it knit up differently)? “Tiffany” is 100% nylon; I’m guessing the “Yarn Bee” yarns will be mostly (if not 100%) acrylic.