HELP with yarn color choice!

I want to knit a prayer shawl for a sick friend and her favorite color is orange. I’ve found the yarn I want to use, but according to the photos on the website, I can’t tell which one is MORE orange.

Lion Brand Color Waves has 2 colors that “look” orange (or at least “orange-y”) - Mai Tai or Sunset Red. I’ve looked at photos on Ravelry and ebay but still can’t tell. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m slightly color-blind!!!

So, can anyone here PLEASE help me?? Has anyone actually seen these in person?


Neither of the little squares looks orange to me. If you really want orange, you might need to consider different yarn.

The Sunset Red definitely looks more red than orange to me (and that’s probably pretty accurate based on the name). The Mai Tai looks like it does include some orange; HOWEVER, colors can be deceiving on the computer. You might be better off contacting someone on Ravelry (or at Lion Brand) who has actually seen these two yarns with their own eyes.

THANKS to both GG and antares! I spoke to my friend again today and I did all that worrying for nothing. She said she really doesn’t care what color I use, just so it makes her feel warm. So, I’ll be using the Sunset Red!!!

I was able to contact LB thru Facebook and they were kind enough to answer my question about Color Waves, even though it’s discontinued! They were extremely helpful!!!

Thanks again,

also sells swatches of yarn cards that have the colors, they are pretty cheap, less than $2.00 I think, look on their page under shop, sample cards.

sorry, that yarn is discontinued, ignore my suggestion. :frowning:

Friends are wonderful like that! I like the Sunset Red better than the other. I’m knitting a shawl for someone special to me, I feel like I’m knitting love and hugs for her and I hope they help in the days ahead.

The exclamation point queen…:teehee:

Nope, didn’t look orange to me either. Glad you got it figured out.