Help with yarn choices

Hello, I would still consider myself a new knitter. I need some help with possible size and yarn choices. I looked up a pattern for a simple 2x2 ribbed beanie for a man. For the size head I was making it for I cast on 96 stitches using size 8 16" circular needles. I used Knit Picks Swish worsted superwash merino wool. I chose this yarn cause I have heard that merino wool is good for warmth and since this person lives in the mountains I wanted to keep his head warm. I thought by getting the superwash he would have to worry about hand washing. He told me how the beanie had started to stretch out a bit from wearing and that he needed to wash it. So after he washed it, it stretched out completely. Is there anything that can be done to fix this and get it back to normal? I have already made a few hats with this yarn. Is there another type of yarn that I can use to make more ribbed beanies that will not lose there stretch? Did I use too many stitches? Help!!! Im so confused, frustrated and lost! :frowning:

All yarn stretches when wet so tossing it inthe dryer might help.

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Your friend could try my grandmother’s trick. Pinch the beanie together when it comes out of the washing machine and dry it flat. (Grandmama used to gather the sleeve and bottom ribbing on sweaters.) It’s like the reverse of blocking but with the same end of reshaping the knitting.