Help with yarn choice for socks

I don’t have access to any good yarn shops, but recently bought yarn at Hobby Lobby. Can anyone tell me if Red Heart Luster Sheen would be acceptable to make socks? I’ve only made one pair before (thanks Silver!), and I used worsted weight. I have actual sock yarn on order, but wanted to make another practice pair before using my special yarn. I bought the Luster Sheen with socks in mind because I couldn’t find anything at HL that said it was sock yarn. It’s a pretty colorway and I hope it will be usuable for socks. Also, I’m using size 2 DPNs for the first time.

Think it will be ok?


Anyone…? Anyone…?


Sorry, I don’t know… :shrug: I see that it’s a sport weight yarn and I know there are some sport weight sock patterns, and especially since you said it’d be for practice, it would definitely be okay. I’m not sure whether you use size 2 needles for the sport weight socks, though…
Sock yarn is definitely the best choice as you already know, and I can’t imagine I’d love acrylic socks because they wouldn’t be very absorbent or breathable. And I’ve not felt this yarn in particular but I know that Red Hearts I’ve used tend to be very scratchy and just… [I]acrylic [/I]feeling. However, if you’re using it to practice and learn basic sock construction, by all means go ahead. Sorry - I haven’t used this specific yarn or made socks using sport weight, but there’s my input, nonetheless.

Really, you can make socks with any yarn (although there are certainly yarns best suited to it) However, I would stay away from synthetics since they won’t breathe.

Ironically, the best yarns for diabetic feet are synthetic. (I know, counterintuitive). Anyhow, a great on line site is the Loopy Ewe. Good luck.

Some yarns don’t have enough bounce for good socks, IMHO. I’ve never used Luster Sheen, so I can’t comment on it. But you can test it by holding a small length of yarn (just a few inches) and pulling gently. If it has some stretch, it should be ok. If it doesn’t stretch much or not at all, your socks will stretch out and get saggy on your feet. And who wants saggy socks?

An all acrylic yarn will also make your feet sweaty as it doesn’t breath like a natural fiber. But it doesn’t have to be 100% natural, even a small percentage of wool or cotton will make a big difference in how the socks wick moisture away.

Thank you to every one for responding. I think I’ll try to find something else for this yarn and hold off until I can get some actual sock yarn for my second pair of socks.

By the way, the Luster Sheen actually has a very nice feel to it, but I was going to have to start all over with the socks anyway, because I get the feeling they were going to come out tiny and trust me tiny socks would do me no good at all!! :eyes:

Thanks again!