Help with yarn and poncho or wrap please, very confused

I just bought 5 balls of Katia Scotch Tweed yarn, it says it is bulky weight, it is silk, wool, and rayon mixture. It says 87 yards a ball. I want to make a wrap or a poncho with this. There is a pattern that I kinda like that used 2 skeins of lion brand microspun yarn. It says to use needles 7-8, but I want to use bigger. Can I use bigger needles? Is this enough yarn for a poncho or wrap? It was on sale but still expense for me and I had to drive 1 hr to get it. Do I need to spend another missed day and try to see if they have more and spend $ about 25 more on balls? If not enough, what can I make with this. My husband will be so mad. Any help would be appreciated.

p.s. Don’t send me some wierd chart that I can’t understand. I am sorry but i am really stupid when it comes to stuff like that and it just confuses me more and more.
Thank you. Heather

What is the specific pattern you had in mind? Is it a free pattern on line?

It looks like Microspun has 168 yards per skein, so just ballpark math, (5 x 87 = 435 compared to 168 x 2 = 336), but the Microspun is a DK to light worsted weight. But the Katia is bulkier and will knit up more quickly. So it’s hard to say without seeing the pattern.

I think you’ll have enough. Especially using larger needles, like 10.5 or so.