Help with WYIF, WYIB

I am an advanced beginner continental knitter, working my way through the “destructions” for Green Mountain Spinnery’s Smorgasbord Socks pattern. I am hereby throwing myself at the mercy of more knowledgable knitters than myself.

Everything was going dreamily, until I ran across a reference to stitches wyib and wyif. Now, I know this means “with yarn in back” and “with yarn in front”, but how does this happen? When I knit, the yarn is behind the stitch anyway; if I bring the yarn forward to knit, isn’t that going to make it look like a purl stitch wrapped around the knit stitch, and what’s the point of that? Why not just purl the danged thing?? This is all going on during turning the heel.

As you can see, I’m a bit lost (and suffering from chocolate withdrawal). I can fix the chocolate issue without help :lol:, but could use a visual on the wyib and wyif stuff. Anyone got 5 minutes and a web cam to explain to me what to do before I ruin these yummy socks? I didn’t see any pics of this on the site - if they’re there and I missed them, let me know where I can look.



I think that this is confusing because they give too much information. If you were knitting and they said to slip the next stitch, you would have your yarn in the back, anyway. If you were purling and slipped a stitch, it would be in the front anyway.

So basically, they’re just telling you to slip a stitch as you would normally.

THANK you, Ingrid! hugs

As ever, I was over-analysing the directions. Sweet.
The instep is coming along nicely now! I can’t believe how well they’re turning out so far. :XX:

I’m knitting them in bartlettyarns (which is the majority of my current stash) - they’ll make a great layering sock for snowshoeing, when we ever get enough snow back on the ground. :rollseyes:

Thanks again for the clarification - it put me back on track!