help with written pattern

Hi there I have come across this pattern and i’m not sure what the (2) means
[yo2,k4,yo1 (2), ssk, k2, k2tog,yo2,k3,yo,ssk,ke,yo2,ssk,k3,yo1(2),sk k3, yo2, k1]

i"m not sure what the (2) mans after the yo1. do I repeat the yo2, k2, yo1 2 times, or is this yo 2 times. I suspect it is not yo 2 times as this is not the correct abbreviation.

the pattern is from Knitters Magazine Fall 2010 - Daydreams in lace
Thank you

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My first thought was that it had something to do with 2 different sizes but there are 4 sizes so that doesn’t make sense. Can you tell us the number of sts you have before the row you quoted and can you quote the entire row please? Also it would help to know the next row. Don’t copy the entire pattern, just these two rows should be enough.
Also, can you check the “ke” in the line you quoted. Is that the abbreviation or is there a number?

It may not be relevant here but have you seen the errata which are linked to in the Ravelry page?

Hi there
the row I quoted is row 71. I’m making size S so there should be 232sts.
the entire row 71 is:
k4, [yo2,k4,yo1 (2),ssk, k2, k2tog, yo2, k3,yo,ssk,k2,yo2,ssk,k3,yo1(2),ssk,k3,yo2,k1] to last 4 stitches, k4
Row 72 -74 is: work 3 rows in st st.

I did see the Ravalry correction, however it refers to row 23.

forgot to include, after working row 71, I should have 368 sts.

Hi, I count the repeat section as 36sts. if you include the yo1 (2) to mean twice or 2sts. Then, the repeat x10 added to the two K4’s before and at the end would add up to a total of 368 sts, but why they would write it out this way is beyond me!! Otherwise, if you count them as a single yo, the repeat is 34 sts which cannot add up!!
I also thought it may have meant that you have to do [yo2,k4,yo1 (2 times) 14 stitches, followed by the next section up to the next (2) twice 40 stitches, followed by the last section 7 stitches, but that adds up to 61 which will also not divide into 360. Very confusing!!
Are you using a lifeline? If so, you could try it as a yo1 twice to see if the pattern stays correct or maybe do a few rows ( just enough sts. for one repeat not all 300+ sts lol) on some scrap yarn - easier than tinking back 368 sts in lace!!
I wish I could be more helpful and I hope you work it out and continue your lovely jacket.

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Yes, it looks like the yo1 (2) has to be yarn over twice. That’s the same as yo2 and I agree, why write it two different ways.

The problem I have is that if you look at the row without the increases and decreases the repeat takes 28sts. That’s only enough to repeat 8 times and then add in the 4 + 4 at each end = 232.

This is maybe the repeat at the end of the yoke before the stockinette rows and before separating out for the armholes. Is that right diny1965?

If there are 232sts. on the needle, before starting row 71, and they say there should be 368 after doing row 71 that seems a huge amount of sts to increase in one row!!
232 sts less the two k4’s = 224 which is divisible by 61.Perhaps it does mean to do those sections (2) times in each repeat after all :smiley:

Could be.
I’d suggest checking the beginning and end of the pattern for any abbreviations and for any notes that are relevant to the yo1 (2). There don’t seem to be any comments on this section in Ravelry projects so that suggests that the pattern may well explain this.
Then send a message on Ravelry to the designer (it’s a paid pattern after all) and to someone who has completed the pattern recently.
And let us know how it turns out, please.

These are the notes from one completed project. The numbers aren’t the same for the increases but the notes are for size small:

“The row 71 didn’t make sense to me.
There are 8 repeats in the yoke, and 48 stitches are to be added in row 71 for size small, so I knitted (yo2, ssk) in every center of a triangle, and at every apex, too. The very first and very last increase was made as single yo. This gave me the required 6 stitches increase for each pattern repeat.”

If all the yo1 (2) are yo2 then there are 13 increases and 5 decreases per repeat for an increase of 8sts per repeat.

Hi there,
Thank you so much for your reply. my thoughts are the same; the Yo1 (2) possibly means yo2, but written this way is confusing when yo2 is used in the pattern confusing!!! It would be clearer if it were just written yo2.
I think i’ll take stab at it and work the Yo1 as Yo2…wish me luck and thank you for your time.

Hi there,
Thank you for taking the time to reply. it seems that everyone that has responded agrees that in this pattern yo1 (2) means yo2. the way the pattern is written is confusing to me as it could be written as yo2. I’m going to translate yo1 (2) as yo2 and hopefully it will work out.

Thank you for your response