Help with weird cast on instructions

Hi!! I just started working on a little sweater for my baby girl due in august. The pattern is called Juliette and I am working on the smallest size. It has you starting on the neckline and then breaking the yarn after a few increases. Then it tells you to cast on using the backwards loop method. These are the instructions:

With RS facing and using backwards loop method,
cast on sts for the front panels as follows:

(RS): CO 12 (13, 14, 14) [15, 16, 17] sts to RHN,
continue with working yarn to make RS row 1
as above, CO 12 (13, 14, 14) [15, 16, 17] sts.

What I don’t understand is if I’m working on a circular needle, which one is the Right hand needle, and anyway, if I cast on like that, how am I supposed to continue on with the rest of the row if I’m gonna end up on the opposite side where there are no stitches? I am not working in the round so how do I continue with the row after I cast on the new stitches? Please help!

Is it this one? If not please post a link.

Ordinarily, the RHN would be the needle in your right hand. For the rows that you quote, the cast on needs to be at the beginning of the RS row, regardless of which hand the needle is in.
So with the RS facing, cast on 12sts, work across the RS row, turn at the end of the row and cast on another 12sts at the beginning of the next row for the other front panel.
Congratulations on the coming birth!

Thank you!

No, the cardigan is this one.

I guess it makes sense that I will have the knitting on the needle that I’m holding on the right hand, but I’m still not very clear on how I’m supposed to work the RS row after casting on if the working yarn is going to end up on the other side of where I need it to be to continue working the row :frowning:

You want to cast on sts starting next to the front edge of the sweater. If the RS is facing you, this will be for the left front of the cardi as you would wear it. The yarn will end up at the needle tip after the cast on. Knit across the newly cast on sts in pattern, then across the row to the opposite edge. Turn and cast on 12sts. Again the yarn will end at the tip of the newly cast on sts. Purl (or work whatever pattern) across these newly cast on sts, then across the main body of the cardi to the end of the row.

This video may help. Judy casts on with the RS facing. She uses a knit cast on which is actually sturdier than the thumb loop but you can follow your pattern if you prefer. When she gets to the end of the row (1:35min) she turns and purls back but you need to again cast on at this point.

If you want, I can try to draw a diagram of what this would look like

Awww! That’s adorable! If my coming grandchild is a girl I might have to get this. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!! I will try that. It makes a lot more sense now :smile: