Help with W&T please! / wrap and turn

Hello, I am new to this forum, so thank you in advance for your help! I’ve been knitting for a few years, but tend to keep it pretty simple; I make lots of hats. :slight_smile: I can usually figure out something new fairly easily by watching a video, but W&T on this pattern is still confusing me. This Lionbrand free pattern L50276, gives this instructuon for W&T: 1. Bring the yarn between needls to the front 2. Slip the next stitch from left to right needle as if to purl 3. Turn work 4. Bring yarn between needles to front of work again. 5. Slip first stitch on left needle back on right needle as if to purl 6. Bring yarn between needles to back of work and continue with the row.

So I have two questions about this: these instructions are much different than anything I’ve seen on instructional videos, so does it seem correct?? And then also: after you wrap and turn, and “continue with the row” is that considered the same row, or the next row? Every odd row has a w&t, and every even row is just knit. So after I w&t and continue with the row, is that still row 1? And then when I get to end, I start row 2 and knit across? Or when I turn, that becomes row 2. I started this hat and it looked kinda funky so I ripped. :-/. Thank you! Susan

Welcome to KH!
Those instructions seem pretty standard for w&t with garter stitch. Perhaps the videos you watched were for stockinette?

When you turn, that’s a new row. Say you’re working row 1 and come to a w&t. After the turn, you’re on row 2.

Thank you so much! Then I guess I was doing it all correctly! This pattern is indeed garter pattern so I didnt realize w&t would be different than all the other videos I watched. No one ever said it would be different if not stockinette. And after I did the w&t, I did continue as if I was starting the next row then.

So your instincts were all correct!
Really the only difference is that you need to bring the yarn to the back again for another knit row rather than having it in the front for a purl row. Nice directions from LB.
Love to see a photo when you finish.

Also, barter stitch makes it VERY hard to identify the wrapped stitch to pick it up! Thats another reason I thought I was doing it wrong, as I could not identify it. Thanks again.