Help with vogue pattern

Pattern reads

Right front band, with smaller needles pick up and k sts? (I assume it will be 55 sts because that is what I had to do for the left side) along right front edge as foll: pick up and k2 sts * yo twice and skip a space for buttonhole, pick up and k8 sts; rep from * 4 times more, yo twice and skip a space for buttonhole, pick up and k1 sts. k1 row on ws, working k2 sts into each double yo. Purl 1 row. Bind off knitwise.

my first question is I picked up 55 sts for the left side so the first thing I would do is pick up 55 sts?

  1. what does working 2 sts into each double yo - does that mean to just knit 2 at the yo’s


Thank you

  1. Yes I think you should pick up the same number as you did on the other side

  2. It either means knit2 at each double yarn over, or, when you get to a double yarn over knit 2 in each yarn over (1 through the front, one through the back).

Is this side different from the last one? Coz if not then just do what you did for the last one

Thank you, the 2 sides are the same. Does it make a diff if I knite 2 @ the y/o or knit in front and back @ the yo?

Thanks Lori

if you knit 2 it suggests that you just knit once in each stitch rather than twice. Just try and remember what you did for the other side, then do that again now! Hope that helps! :wink:

Since you’re making buttonholes on this side and didn’t on the other, it’s not the same. Knit one into each yo and you’ll end up with 55 stitches.

How many stitches do you need?