Help with vogue pattern

I am trying to do both sleeve on one needle. I am using 2 diff balls of yarn. it is supposed to have a p2, k13 p2 rib but one side looks like all purl sts and the other looks like 1 rw of knit and 1 rw of purl. What is up with that.


You probably knit one sleeve two rows instead of doing one row on each sleeve. I used to do this all the time. I now put a stitch marker between the stitches so I don’t just automatically turn and knit the same sleeve again.

I’d unknit back to where both sleeves look right and the yarn is in the right place to start the next row on both sleeves. Try the stitch marker, too, it really helps.

ok, so I would p 2 k13 p2 for the first one same for the 2nd sleeve, turn the needle and I am on the sleeve I just finished so I would rever the pattern k2 p13 k2? and then do the same for the other sleeve

thanks Lori

Right. You’d p2 k13 p2 on the first sleeve, then again on the second. Turn the work and then k2 p13 k2 on both sleeves.

thank you