Help with vogue patter


cast on 34 sts k1 row on WS

Row 1 RS K1 (selvage St), K0, (p2, k13) twice, p2 k0 k1 (selvage st . Cont in k13, p2 rib as established for 9 rows more.

Inc row (RS) K1, M1, rib tib to last st , M1, K1 working incs in k13, p2 rib, rep inc row ever 10th row 3 times more —42 sts. Work even until piece measure 9" from beg

Can some one put this in english for me. Why k0 ? I should start with k1 p2, k13? twice p2 k1 cont k13 p2 rib for 9 rows then inc and contiune on

Thank you in advance for all of your help
Lori :?? :cheering:

If it says k0, then ignore it. For a larger size, they would have a number there.

ok, thanks