Help with Vogue Holiday 2006 pattern. Anyone own this?


I hope this is an okay question to ask here, and I hope the mods will delete it if it is not.

I’m a Vogue Knitting subscriber. Last Christmas, I made my sister the cover scarf on the Vogue 2006 holiday magazine. We’re on a family vacation now, and my sister-in-law liked the scarf so much that she wants one of her own. Since I have a lot of free time at the moment, I decided to start it now, but I didn’t bring the magazine with me.

This is not a free pattern, so I don’t want anyone to post the whole thing, and I’ve made it before, so I mostly know what I need to do. I just can’t remember how to transition from the garter stitch border to the first i-cord. If I can figure that out, the rest I can do from memory. It’s just that one line I can’t remember. I’ve checked the Vogue website, but this isn’t one they put up.

Has anyone made this scarf before or looked at the pattern? I think it’s something like K4, slip a bunch, slip a bunch more, K4 or something like that, but I think I’m missing something because it looks weird.

I have the magazine back home, so I guess I could wait until after New Year’s to start. I was just hoping to get a jump on vacation knitting. If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.


With larger dpn, k4, slip 23 to a holder, sl 22 to a second holder, knit last 5 with larger dpn. You’ll have 9 stitches.

next cord, knit 5 from stitch holder, slip 4 from end of second stitch holder and knit these 4 and work as for first icord.


That’s all I needed. Thanks so much!